Ambassador Program

Viking Waffles is looking for role models (Viking Athletes) to inspire our ever growing community of health enthusiasts. We are looking to connect with amazing individuals that have a genuine interest in inspiring the world with their fitness journey no matter how big or small the following is. 

If you are interested please send an email to with responses to the questions below.

1. What are your social handles? (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

2. Why do you believe you would make a great ambassador?
(This entails documenting how Viking Waffles adds to your healthy lifestyle.)

3. Are you open to providing quality content for us to use in our marketing? In exchange you would also receive a lot of free exposure to your handles through our marketing efforts.

4. How long do you expect to be committed to our brand?

5. Where do you want to end up in the next 3 months? 6 months? 2 years?