4 Perfect Foods To Fight The Cold!

4 Perfect Foods To Fight The Cold!


Winter is here, and with winter comes a tremendous amount of frosty weather ailments.

By using food as our natural medicine there are ways to combat these ailments and stay healthy throughout the winters. Let's dig into some special foods that can help you ace this winter cold.

Foods for Cold Hands and Feet

1. Broths and Stews

During the winter, broths and stews are popular food. They are soothing, high in protein, and quickly raise the temperature. 

Chicken and vegetable broths are recipes you can use the most to prevent colds. They are also rich in Vitamin B12, vitamin C, and antioxidants that will help to keep your defense system stronger against winter viruses.

2.           Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has a high energy content and stimulates blood flow. In the winter, eating a minimum of 1 ounce of pure dark chocolate can boost your metabolism and immune system. It also aids in the prevention of cold symptoms by helping to fight off the body's battle against infection.

You can enjoy hot dark chocolate drinks using 100% cocoa, hot almond milk, or sweetener by choice and a dash Caramel Viking Butter for healthy fats and a collagen boost.

3.           A Handful Of Nuts

1tbsp of nuts contains approximately 50 calories. This tiny snack is ideal for colds because it helps our bodies generate more heat. 

Yogurt, smoothies or added to Viking's protein cookie dough mix are also excellent ways to incorporate nuts in the winter easily, plus fulfill your sweet tooth craving while fighting the winter cold. 

4.           Chamomile And Ginger

Chamomile and ginger are both excellent cold-prevention foods. Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve stomach problems and help prevent cold symptoms with its high amount of antioxidants. Ginger can help treat infections and sore throats like aphonia. It can be added to food as well as herbal teas.

Which of the above-mentioned food will you add to your winter wonderland?

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