Viking Waffles was founded by Benedicte Engen, a Norwegian soccer athlete, crossfit trainer, kettlebell and yoga instructor with an educational background in Medicine in Norway. During her medical study she learned about nutrition and the preventive aspects of eating healthy. That awareness plus her love for her grandmother's traditional Norwegian waffles inspired her to start experimenting with her own diet and ultimately create a healthy alternative, the Viking Waffles. She dropped out of Medicine school in Norway, moved to New York to follow her passion to be able to share the Viking waffles with the world.

Realizing the opportunities the world’s most economically powerful metropolitan city could provide her and Viking Waffles, 24 year-old Benedicte moved to New York City. She cooked first Viking Waffles in the basement of her church in NYC, would package, and would hustle around on foot New York hand-delivering Viking Waffles. In 2018, she opened Viking Waffles’ very own bakery, where they still cook, package and deliver waffles today and are now looking to expand!

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Since launching, Viking Waffles has become a staple for professional athletes, supermodels, busy professionals, families with children, and diabetics, who are focused on fulfilling their days with the nostalgia of a home-cooked comfort food that makes them stronger and more energized.

After asking herself questions like: "Why can't we eat delicious AND healthy waffles guilt-free every day?" She began experimenting with healthier alternatives to the traditional Norwegian waffle that would combine her true passion and belief that everyone deserves living life and eating healthy without a feeling of depriving yourself or restricting yourself of your favorite foods. A sustainable healthy lifestyle is about finding more healthy and filling options you actually ENJOY, like Viking Waffles.  (IG: Benedicte Engen)

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Benedicte Engen, CEO Viking Waffles featured in Forbes.