Eggs Benedicte

This is the founder Benedicte Engen. After eating Viking Waffles for years before making it available in the US, I have tons of favorite ways and healthy fun recipes of enjoying the Viking Waffles I'm so so excited to share with you. From breakfast ideas, to dinner waffles, desserts and snack ideas. I will be posting frequently new recipes so stay tuned and as the biggest waffle lover it would be so fun to see your favorite and creative way of enjoying the Viking Waffles for us to together inspire the world on healthy waffle eating. Tag me @benedicte.engen (so I can try them and send you some love) and tag @viking.waffles for a chance to be featured. This is a weekend/brunch must-try! I combined my food cravings and dreams of a French Sandwich, Norwegian Waffles and the finest American cheddar cheeses to create an international brunch delight. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas ex mauris, mollis non ex vel, tempor ullamcorper arcu. Maecenas pretium tortor ac eros finibus fermentum. Nunc tempor tincidunt lacinia. Aliquam cursus non urna a lacinia. Donec vitae nisl nec dolor faucibus malesuada. Pellentesque ultrices consectetur dolor non pellentesque. Curabitur sed accumsan risus. Proin ac elit in elit vestibulum malesuada. Sed et suscipit nisi, id condimentum odio. Ut bibendum nisl cursus massa aliquet, nec porta lectus dapibus. Praesent posuere cursus lacus, in dapibus diam rhoncus vel. Donec malesuada id est id volutpat. Sed feugiat dictum suscipit. Quisque viverra metus vitae lacus molestie, ac aliquam libero lacinia. Quisque turpis enim, volutpat in quam quis, tincidunt ultrices orci. Nam posuere at mi sed vestibulum. Nullam vestibulum, tortor vel tincidunt elementum, leo arcu dapibus ante, nec rutrum quam justo a leo. Proin vel aliquam est. Praesent rhoncus et nunc ac efficitur. Duis aliquet libero nunc. In maximus bibendum ullamcorper. Etiam id pellentesque enim, id congue magna. Sed bibendum pretium augue. Praesent in luctus lectus. Aliquam sit amet leo arcu. Phasellus neque nunc, feugiat ac efficitur sit amet, pulvinar nec urna. Duis et maximus quam.