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Viking Wonder Soup (bone broth + collagen)







Experience Nordic Nourishment in every sip with our chicken Bone Collagen Blend, Viking Vitality Broth. Made in Norway with immune boosting spices - chili pepper, onion, ginger, garlic, leek and mushrooms. This is concentrated healing!

+     Rich in Collagen peptides, Vitamin B3, glycine, electrolytes
+   From cage-free Norwegian chickens reared on small scale family farms 
+   No hormones, antibiotics
+   Just add hot water and serve!

Hydrolyzed protein increases bioavailability in this heavily science driven product from Norway using an innovative patented process that gently extracts the best from poultry bones.

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Made in Norway! It is more than a soup - it is healing concentrate. Limited stock - seize the taste of Norway's vitality now!

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