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NFL Star Shannon Sharpe Partners With Viking Waffles For Charity

In case you’ve missed it… we’ve been hugely excited to share our news of collaborating with the National Football League (NFL) pro and hall of fame star, Shannon Sharpe.

This collaboration is exciting for many reasons, not only have we released a new limited edition Viking Waffles, but this project has been about raising money for a cause that we both feel passionate for and to also raise awareness for the amazing work that Big Brother Big Sisters of America do to mentor and support the youth of today.

shannon sharpe protein waffles
 We know that we can deliver the best protein waffles! So… when this opportunity came around to work with Shannon on creating his flavor of banana bread waffles and dedicating this project to supporting the Big Brother Big Sisters cause (100% of all profits donated), it was an easy decision to make.
shannon sharpe protein viking waffles

 Who is Big Brother Big Sisters and what do they do?

Big Brother Big Sisters are the largest one-to-one dedicated mentorship network in the whole of United Sates with more than 230 agencies providing their services to help kids and families in need. Founded back in 1904 in the last 10 years they have help over 2 million youth in the United States, with nearly 400,000 volunteer mentors that supply their services free of charge to support and develop youth to give them the best possible future. The impact they provide empowers the youth in the US to recognize their potential and to build positive futures for themselves and their peers.

At Viking Waffles, we believe in giving everyone the best possible future and as part of this we recognize the importance of health and wellbeing. We feel passionate about the good work that BBBS are doing across the United States and with 8.5 million young people still needing support and at least 1 in 3 youth saying they don’t have a trusted adult, something has to be done to get them that support.

That’s why we’ve partnered together to be able to help around 20,000 youth who are aged 15+ to receive support for setting them up for the future, be that graduating from a college, helping them with their employment paths to supporting them in their overall wellbeing support. It’s such a critical time for many young people who feel lost and we want to make a difference to their lives.

Why did we want to create this new limited edition protein waffle?  

We knew that this was a special opportunity to make a difference to help support the amazing charity of Big Brother Big Sister, but also to have a bit fun collaborating with Shannon Sharpe and we do love to make new flavor waffles. So… making Shannon’s favorite waffle flavor was a joyous moment for us. 

We’ve made several limited editions before from blueberry waffles, to our in-demand chocolate chip protein waffles to Shannon’s favourite banana bread. Like all of our Viking Waffles, the delicious banana bread flavour doesn’t compromise on our promise of being a healthy snack, as it’s one of the best protein snacks available which offers no added sugar, no added carbs and is gluten-free. Whatever flavor you choose from us, every Viking Waffle is the best protein waffle in terms of taste, being a healthy snack and having the best customer experience. You can see what one of our customers thinks about them in the video review below.

 On creating this new flavor in collaboration with Viking Waffles and supporting this campaign, NFL Star, Shannon Sharpe, said: “I’ve enjoyed creating my favorite flavor of banana bread Viking Waffles and supporting the important cause for giving mentorship relationships for at-risk youth.

CEO and Founder of Viking Waffles, Benedicte Engen, said: “It's been a pleasure working with Shannon Sharpe, developing his favorite flavor Viking Waffles and connecting charity and fundraisers with creative social media campaigns together to create a meaningful partnership”.

What have we achieved so far with this campaign and the limited-edition Shannon Sharpe waffle?

Well first off… We’ve already sold out on the first huge batch of these light, fluffy banana bread waffles… Which is amazing! So, we’d like to thank each and every one of you who has bought these special edition waffles, whilst supporting youth mentorship in the process and investing in your health.

We’re proud that they’ve not only gone done a treat with our customers who are raving about how they’re the perfect healthy breakfast snack, but how much this has raised for the charity. Every purchase has helped us to support the at-risk youth mentorship schemes. Every one-to-one mentoring relationship helps to drive a better support network, increase self-confidence, motivation, emotional wellbeing and to create a positive path for the future.

Some of these research statistics below shows the impact of the mentoring support and the value of committing to the cause:

  • 86% of youth alumni from the schemes now lead fulfilling lives.
  • 90% of youth alumni agree that the mentorship made them feel better about themselves with over 94% saying they have a lot or some confidence they will achieve their future goals.
  • 93% of youth alumni said that having a role model/adult who can support them is very important to helping them achieve their goals.

If you would like to donate to their mission of mentoring the youth in the US,  you can do that on their website here. Keep an eye on our new initiatives to raise money for the charity and what other limited edition waffles we have coming up by following our social media pages below.




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