protein waffles
with similar nutrition to protein shakes

One of the easiest ways to maximize muscle and strength gain and post-workout recovery is to eat enough protein.

Yes, we can also get that through whole foods, but people choose Viking Waffles because it’s convenient + tasty, which makes it easier to eat plenty of protein, they are also rich in essential amino acids which makes it ideal for muscle-building purposes. Whether you’re trying to gain muscle, enhance athletic performance, lose fat, or just maintain your body composition and health, Viking Waffles will support your fitness journey.

*Photo: NFL player David Bakhtiari , Swedish Rocky Movie Legend : Dolph Lundgren

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keto waffles
"health food that taste better than junk food"

With freshly baked Viking Waffles it is possible to enjoy delicious food that nourishes you from the inside out to achieve optimal health. Enjoy high protein Viking Waffles for self love and care. For the love of food. For you to feel and look your best, to save time on food prepping, to be energized with a renewed zest for life. You deserve it!

ps. Kids approved!

Photo: yoga & wellness guru @mikiash

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I am in a very strict medically supervised Keto diet. My options are very limited....
But when I found Viking Waffles and products it elevated my diet.
I’m succeeding bc of these tasty
Keto friendly products!! I’m crushing my diet 🎉 keep creating!


Wasn't sure at first, seemed too good to be true. But these are surprisingly amazing!! They remind me of European pancakes, but waffles. Odin would be proud.

Nina W.

What a treat these waffles are! I lost 100lbs. I lift 5 days a week and I do not see an end. These are the foods that taste great and are healthy. Great Job!

Charles H

Delicious and super filling. One waffle keeps me full for hours and is a welcome change from my usual keto friendly breakfast.

Jennifer H