4 Healthy Holiday Tips

4 Healthy Holiday Tips

healthy holiday tips 

Yes, it’s the holiday season! That moment you’ve been looking forward to. 

The holiday season can be busy, but it doesn’t mean your health and fitness goals must be put on hold. You can do small things to keep up your healthy habits while still enjoying the good food and drink choices that come with this time of year.

Check out the four tips for staying healthy during the holidays below.

How to Stay Healthy While on Holiday

Eat a high protein first breakfast!

it gives you the energy to start your day right. 

Choose breakfast options that will have plenty of proteins such as eggs, Greek yogurt, oatmeal or freshly baked Viking Waffles for a well-balanced meal.

Stay Hydrated!

Soft drinks, alcohol, and coffee dehydrate your body by removing moisture from it. Remember to always drink a glass of water for every glass of wine or beer you consume. It’s important to keep drinking plenty of water.

You can choose water or sparkling water and request a lemon if necessary. 

Keep Moving To Stay Active:

The holiday season is the time of year when it’s easy to neglect physical activity, but daily exercise is essential for good health. 

Try walking, running, or cycling for 30 minutes every day, and don’t forget to eat a healthy portion of fruit and veg.

Ensure 8 hours of Sleep:

Tiredness can lead to increased stress, low energy, and poor eating and drinking habits. Don't overbook yourself with holiday activities, and try to stick to a consistent bedtime schedule every night.

Keeping these healthy habits during the holiday season will keep you as fit as a fiddle. So enjoy your vacation!


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