Why protein is important to our health

Why protein is important to our health

 Protein is a key part of our diets as humans. We require protein to grow, build muscle strength, keep our body cells in good health and maintain balance in our food consumption. It helps to give us energy and provide our body with the right means to move and process. It’s suggested that overall our daily food intake should at least involve 10-35% of protein in some kind of form, be that natural, plant-based or other forms. Daily protein intake plays a role in keeping your cells in good shape and should be part of your daily health maintenance plan.

What is protein?

 Protein are large complex biomolecules/macromolecules that are in every cell in our human bodies. They are made up of amino acids (known as ‘building blocks’ due to being attached in chains). 80% of muscles are made up of amino acids so it’s important to have protein for building strength and powering our bodies. There are also two types of amino acids: essential amino acids (consumed by food, drinks or supplements) or non-essential amino acids (produced by our body). Some amino acids are better than others and play a more crucial role to our health as well so it’s important to know the different types of protein and the impact.

Protein is also referred to as a ‘macronutrient’ which means you need a certain amount of it in your body to stay healthy and in shape. This macronutrient is important not only for repairing body tissues and cells, it also helps to build and regulate our skin, hair, muscle and bones.


How can it help us?

Protein plays a part in helping us to function each day. It’s also a reserve energy should we be low on calories to give us energy. We all know that protein can help to build muscles, but it also helps us to maintain muscles when losing weight and to keep your shape. It does this by also reducing your desire for other food cravings and it boosts your metabolism to reduce fat. Research shows that it also increases our bone strength if we consume the right amount of protein foods in our diet. Amino acids in protein also helps to boost our immune system and fight of any harmful cells to prevent infections.

Why you need essential amino acids/food protein?

Studies have shown that if you eat the right amount of protein you can lose weight and increase your body and bone strength. A diet that is also high in protein can reduce the risk of diabetes, help lower blood pressure and to fight off diseases. Protein deficiency can cause many healthy issues especially if it’s severe. It can cause malnutrition or weak bone structure, symptoms such as edema, fatty livers, skin or hair issues, stunted growth, increased risk of illness and a greater need for calories can be common due to lack of protein. By eating the right amount of protein-based foods such as meats, plant-based proteins, supplements or even delicious Viking protein waffles, it can help you to achieve your road to better health and a balanced diet.

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